Angels & Demons review

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WARNING! There might be spoilers in the following text!

Dan Brown became world known for his book DA VINCI CODE.  Angels & Demons is accually first book where the main character Robert Langdon chaces mysterious things. Da Vinci Code is the sequal in the literature world. In the movies it just is the other way around.

Tom Hanks plays Robert Langdon. Harvard based symbology who is summoned in Vatican city to help find the secret ancient society Illuminati. Society which has been war against vatican for hundreds of years. Everyone thinks the society is even product of imagination or dead long ago. Only when their ambigram surfaces and four carninals disappear it seems that the Illuminati have come to make their stand for the annihilation of the catholic church.  Same time the cardinals are getting in to conglave for choosing the Pope. One of vatican security cameras shows new kind of bomb, which could destroy whole vatican city.

Robert and his companion in the story, beautiful scientist from CERN Vittoria Vetra, have four hours to catch the man behind all of this and every hour he murders new carnidal in different place. It becames run against time and Roberts ability to find the right clues for the next murders place.

The cast of the movie is good. Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon. Ewan McGregor as Camerlengo Patrick McKenna and Ayelet Zurer as Vittoria Vetra. Movie is directed by Ron Howard and the screenplay is written by David Koepp and Akiva Goldsman.

The quality of the movie is great first of all. As I understand they had build somekind of replica of the St. Peter’s square because vatican didn’t allow them shoot in the real square. I have to say that the quality is great but you can see computer generated scenes quite well but it didn’t hurt my experience.

The movie does follow the orginal book much better than Da Vinci code did but still there where some differences and they made me wonder why. They where kind of that it would not have needed anymore shooting. In the book all the four cardinals died. In the movie the last became the new Pope. The person who in the book became the new Pope is now the new Camerlengo. There are the small differences that aren’t really important but can’t see why they where made.

Tom Hanks played once more with the grip of the two time academy award winner. He is great in the role of Langdon and I like the fact that they had given him couple of “funny” moments. Ewan McGregor is one of my favorite actors. I can’ remember seeing bad act from him. Once you see him in the screen, you can see from his eyes that there is something more in him. Rest of the cast does great work and I think it really makes the movie flow nice.

Some time you are sitting in movies and really hoping after half of hour that the movie would stop. (Like lord of the rings series) The movie lasted something like 2,5 hours and I didn’t feel bored. There wasn’t moments where the action went to the next room where Star Trek was going. It hold its act all way thru.

Well the fact is that I did like Da Vinci Code and I do like both of the books. Angels & Demons maybe more. I knew I am going to like the movie. I still think it was little better than I really expected.

I know it was kind of a short review but I think it’s better be short than talk  much about unimportant stuff.

– TP


Internet videos and independent movies

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Youtube,, and lot’s of more internet videos hosting services. So what’s the problem? Independent moviemakers who really put time and effort to their movies are facing kind of a problem. Many don’t have clear channel where to publish the movie. Youtube and others give a one forum but especially in youtube the problem is the volume of uploaded videos.

It’s hard to be seen in the numbing mass of youtube videos. After you have somehow managed to build “core followers” it’s of course much easier to get featured on front page or something like that. The other problem with youtube is youtube itself. Any other video hosting service is in trouble because, let’s face it, GOOGLE. Like everyone knows, youtube is owned by google and it’s money that makes things happen. And let’s face it, google is the dream come true of probably whole 21st century. Everytime you write something in google thesedays it automatically searches youtube also. So basically youtube has a huge advance compared to other video hosting services.

So what is the rescue for independent moviemakers. Well like I kind of made the point in the text, new hosting service probably isn’t the answer. Maybe it’s time to write to google. Would youtube based indy section be the solution? perhaps? So that you have ably for access to upload your videos.

I know there are youtube partner program and others but unfortunately those kind of doesn’t work. They are full of tutorial makers (which I do enjoy) and big ass companies. And the problem is, youtube favors them in the expence on small time videomakers.

Once again our noble hopes turn to GOOGLE. Please find the next Steven Spielberg for us.

– TP

Yeah I probably would give my soul to google. They would use it better that I do.

Blame Society Productions

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Aaron Yonda & Matt Sloan. Do they ring a bell? They should.

Life is hard when you’re Darth Vader’s less-talented, less-charismatic younger brother and you manage a grocery store.

Aaron & Matt are the creators of Chad Vader. Internet sensation that has taken internet-videos to whole new level. Why? No, not because milloins of dollars spent to advertice the series or anything like that. The fact is, that Aaron & Matt have worked real hard to make the series and and I think you can see it. No the quality isn’t the best and the visual fx aren’t oscar winning but the fact that they are now making season two is great. Since almost beginning of season one there has been lot of people asking is there going to be season two and when is it coming out. That not easy to “earn”. It’s not easy to be seen in the video flow of youtube or the internet itself.

If you go to their youtube site you can watch their films and I think  you see fresh ideas and comedy in it purest. They have great cast around them and I think they are ready to take any subject head-on.

The fact that they are independent crew making films makes them really free to test new ideas and that makes the videos nice to watch. You can expect pretty much anything.

I just hope that someday all the pieces fall in right places and the guys make it in the “big screen”. I just hope that they have the energy to change the world of internet videos to that point when they have house in the hills…

Blame Society Productions

– TP

Perez Hilton – internet superstar?

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Have you ever visited

I bet you have. The fact is, that probably most of you have visited the site. Why? I think the answer is simple. If it is anyway possible to say that you can rise to superstardom from internet Mr. Perez Hilton is certainly the “queen” of it. The people visiting the site, in monthly, is just staggering.

Yes I know, you might not like the caracter or you might not like what he says but the thing is that since internet, Perez probably is the person who has got his voice heard best. Why is that? Before the internet-era there wasn’t many places to get your voice heard. Basically you had to be on tv and it wasn’t easy or cheap.

So what has Perez got that me or you don’t? Well first of all he has a great way of writing. He pretty much says what he thinks and that always gives lot of attension. Second he has great “spies” who give him information before it goes anywhere else.

Lot of people are saying that Perez Hilton is stupid guy and they can’t stand of him. Well I have to say I don’t think like that. I think he is funny guy who has made guite of empire around of himself, just by writing. He is talented and I think he has great heart. He can be cruel to those who kind of deserve it, and he has love for those who need it.

If you haven’t for some reason ever heard of Perez Hilton, go check it out.

– TP

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First of all, yes I want to advertise the site. I know it doesn’t need it but if you haven’t visited the site I highly recommend you do. Yeah it’s site for visual effects and things like that but Andrew Kramer is unbelievably talented quy and the best part is that he gives his knowledge away for free. Even if you don’t do visual effects or anything I still recommend you to start reading the blog and even maybe watching the tutorials.

I have to say that I first did get AFTER EFFECTS because I had the impression that the program is too hard and that professional effects are impossible to do. Well Andrew proved me wrong.

I said in last blog that I am thinking of buying cs4 production premium and when I do that, I am going to buy the big bundle from Just because I know they will be worth of the money and because it helps videocopilot.

I think Andrew and his whole team should get some big internet prize (don’t know any) because the fact that they are doing it for free is unbelievable.

I am not going to explain what really is and what they are doing. I want you do find out by yourself.


And by the way, Andrew did do the main credits for the new STAR TREK movie.

How to choose?

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I have been lately wanting to buy a new videocamera. Mainly because my two previous cameras aren’t HD cameras. I kind of think that it would be nice to take the quality up atleast one step.

Choosing the camera for me isn’t so easy. I have been insulty arm wrestling with myself. Should I save some money and buy Canon A1 or should I just buy one of those “small and handy” HD cameras for few hundred euros?

It is quite hard question because it depense so much about the stuff I am going to make with the thing. Of course the A1 would be much better camera but is it really worth of almost 3000€ more? Do I need all of those things in it?

Also I need new computer and I was thinking of buying Adobe production premium cs4 and they cost lot of money. So mainly it comes down to one thing, money.

I still can’t make the decision. Well let’s see what the future brings.


Filmmaking in transition

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I have been lately watching a lot of DVD extras and I have noticed a same pattern ricing from many places. Almost all directors are saying that they still want to use film instead of digital. They are all saying that they don’t like digital for reason or another.

Then there is the other side. The actors who have worked with digital are saying that they love it because it gives longer takes and in film just when you get mood right and would deliver the oscar-winning act, the camera is running out of film and it has to be changed. The digital is great because you can let it run and just keep firing.

So why are directors taking evasive actions against digital movie making? First of all I thing they don’t like it because it’s quite new. And second they are saying that the quality isn’t as good as in old fashion film. Yeah, all digital filmmaking is quite new thing but, I think that it cuts down shooting days and makes post production lot easier. And, it cheaper so it is possible to cut down budjets which are these days way too big. And the quality talk, I think it full of bullshit. Let’s take Star Wars episode 3: revenge of the sith. As I understand it was complitely shot in digital form and I have to say to quality is stunning. Okay I know most of the film was shot infront of a bluescreen but still I think the digital is the way to go.

What’s more important is the fact that digital filmmaking and equipment has made it possible to average nobody to start making decent qaulity homemovies. I am not saying that they can match to real movies but let’s take Ryan VS. Dorkman 2 (rvd2). Ryan Wieber and Michael Scott did make a stunning work, first in coreography and then in cutting and in visual effects. Travis Boles shot the film and I think they should have got a cannes prize or something out of it. Yeah the movie wasn’t in cannes. I know Ryan did win a emmy 2007 (he works for stargate digital company) and Michael is on the way to stardom. (By the way, Michael has a great blog called Dorkmanscott which is nice thing to follow.)

Like I was saying they did that movie by themself and I think the lightsaber fight in quality is better than in recent star wars. That’s kind of the point I am trying to get thru. Digital formats has made filmmaking easier to everyday Joe, so why can’t it made it easier for blockbuster directors?