Filmmaking in transition

I have been lately watching a lot of DVD extras and I have noticed a same pattern ricing from many places. Almost all directors are saying that they still want to use film instead of digital. They are all saying that they don’t like digital for reason or another.

Then there is the other side. The actors who have worked with digital are saying that they love it because it gives longer takes and in film just when you get mood right and would deliver the oscar-winning act, the camera is running out of film and it has to be changed. The digital is great because you can let it run and just keep firing.

So why are directors taking evasive actions against digital movie making? First of all I thing they don’t like it because it’s quite new. And second they are saying that the quality isn’t as good as in old fashion film. Yeah, all digital filmmaking is quite new thing but, I think that it cuts down shooting days and makes post production lot easier. And, it cheaper so it is possible to cut down budjets which are these days way too big. And the quality talk, I think it full of bullshit. Let’s take Star Wars episode 3: revenge of the sith. As I understand it was complitely shot in digital form and I have to say to quality is stunning. Okay I know most of the film was shot infront of a bluescreen but still I think the digital is the way to go.

What’s more important is the fact that digital filmmaking and equipment has made it possible to average nobody to start making decent qaulity homemovies. I am not saying that they can match to real movies but let’s take Ryan VS. Dorkman 2 (rvd2). Ryan Wieber and Michael Scott did make a stunning work, first in coreography and then in cutting and in visual effects. Travis Boles shot the film and I think they should have got a cannes prize or something out of it. Yeah the movie wasn’t in cannes. I know Ryan did win a emmy 2007 (he works for stargate digital company) and Michael is on the way to stardom. (By the way, Michael has a great blog called Dorkmanscott which is nice thing to follow.)

Like I was saying they did that movie by themself and I think the lightsaber fight in quality is better than in recent star wars. That’s kind of the point I am trying to get thru. Digital formats has made filmmaking easier to everyday Joe, so why can’t it made it easier for blockbuster directors?



~ by tappilahti on 29.04.2009.

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