First of all, yes I want to advertise the site. I know it doesn’t need it but if you haven’t visited the site I highly recommend you do. Yeah it’s site for visual effects and things like that but Andrew Kramer is unbelievably talented quy and the best part is that he gives his knowledge away for free. Even if you don’t do visual effects or anything I still recommend you to start reading the blog and even maybe watching the tutorials.

I have to say that I first did get AFTER EFFECTS because I had the impression that the program is too hard and that professional effects are impossible to do. Well Andrew proved me wrong.

I said in last blog that I am thinking of buying cs4 production premium and when I do that, I am going to buy the big bundle from Just because I know they will be worth of the money and because it helps videocopilot.

I think Andrew and his whole team should get some big internet prize (don’t know any) because the fact that they are doing it for free is unbelievable.

I am not going to explain what really is and what they are doing. I want you do find out by yourself.


And by the way, Andrew did do the main credits for the new STAR TREK movie.


~ by tappilahti on 06.05.2009.

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  1. Very nice post.

  2. AK and VCP rock. can’t imagine how I would have learnt anything without them.

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