Blame Society Productions

Aaron Yonda & Matt Sloan. Do they ring a bell? They should.

Life is hard when you’re Darth Vader’s less-talented, less-charismatic younger brother and you manage a grocery store.

Aaron & Matt are the creators of Chad Vader. Internet sensation that has taken internet-videos to whole new level. Why? No, not because milloins of dollars spent to advertice the series or anything like that. The fact is, that Aaron & Matt have worked real hard to make the series and and I think you can see it. No the quality isn’t the best and the visual fx aren’t oscar winning but the fact that they are now making season two is great. Since almost beginning of season one there has been lot of people asking is there going to be season two and when is it coming out. That not easy to “earn”. It’s not easy to be seen in the video flow of youtube or the internet itself.

If you go to their youtube site you can watch their films and I think  you see fresh ideas and comedy in it purest. They have great cast around them and I think they are ready to take any subject head-on.

The fact that they are independent crew making films makes them really free to test new ideas and that makes the videos nice to watch. You can expect pretty much anything.

I just hope that someday all the pieces fall in right places and the guys make it in the “big screen”. I just hope that they have the energy to change the world of internet videos to that point when they have house in the hills…

Blame Society Productions

– TP


~ by tappilahti on 07.05.2009.

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