Perez Hilton – internet superstar?

Have you ever visited

I bet you have. The fact is, that probably most of you have visited the site. Why? I think the answer is simple. If it is anyway possible to say that you can rise to superstardom from internet Mr. Perez Hilton is certainly the “queen” of it. The people visiting the site, in monthly, is just staggering.

Yes I know, you might not like the caracter or you might not like what he says but the thing is that since internet, Perez probably is the person who has got his voice heard best. Why is that? Before the internet-era there wasn’t many places to get your voice heard. Basically you had to be on tv and it wasn’t easy or cheap.

So what has Perez got that me or you don’t? Well first of all he has a great way of writing. He pretty much says what he thinks and that always gives lot of attension. Second he has great “spies” who give him information before it goes anywhere else.

Lot of people are saying that Perez Hilton is stupid guy and they can’t stand of him. Well I have to say I don’t think like that. I think he is funny guy who has made guite of empire around of himself, just by writing. He is talented and I think he has great heart. He can be cruel to those who kind of deserve it, and he has love for those who need it.

If you haven’t for some reason ever heard of Perez Hilton, go check it out.

– TP


~ by tappilahti on 07.05.2009.

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