Internet videos and independent movies

Youtube,, and lot’s of more internet videos hosting services. So what’s the problem? Independent moviemakers who really put time and effort to their movies are facing kind of a problem. Many don’t have clear channel where to publish the movie. Youtube and others give a one forum but especially in youtube the problem is the volume of uploaded videos.

It’s hard to be seen in the numbing mass of youtube videos. After you have somehow managed to build “core followers” it’s of course much easier to get featured on front page or something like that. The other problem with youtube is youtube itself. Any other video hosting service is in trouble because, let’s face it, GOOGLE. Like everyone knows, youtube is owned by google and it’s money that makes things happen. And let’s face it, google is the dream come true of probably whole 21st century. Everytime you write something in google thesedays it automatically searches youtube also. So basically youtube has a huge advance compared to other video hosting services.

So what is the rescue for independent moviemakers. Well like I kind of made the point in the text, new hosting service probably isn’t the answer. Maybe it’s time to write to google. Would youtube based indy section be the solution? perhaps? So that you have ably for access to upload your videos.

I know there are youtube partner program and others but unfortunately those kind of doesn’t work. They are full of tutorial makers (which I do enjoy) and big ass companies. And the problem is, youtube favors them in the expence on small time videomakers.

Once again our noble hopes turn to GOOGLE. Please find the next Steven Spielberg for us.

– TP

Yeah I probably would give my soul to google. They would use it better that I do.


~ by tappilahti on 08.05.2009.

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