Angels & Demons review

WARNING! There might be spoilers in the following text!

Dan Brown became world known for his book DA VINCI CODE.  Angels & Demons is accually first book where the main character Robert Langdon chaces mysterious things. Da Vinci Code is the sequal in the literature world. In the movies it just is the other way around.

Tom Hanks plays Robert Langdon. Harvard based symbology who is summoned in Vatican city to help find the secret ancient society Illuminati. Society which has been war against vatican for hundreds of years. Everyone thinks the society is even product of imagination or dead long ago. Only when their ambigram surfaces and four carninals disappear it seems that the Illuminati have come to make their stand for the annihilation of the catholic church.  Same time the cardinals are getting in to conglave for choosing the Pope. One of vatican security cameras shows new kind of bomb, which could destroy whole vatican city.

Robert and his companion in the story, beautiful scientist from CERN Vittoria Vetra, have four hours to catch the man behind all of this and every hour he murders new carnidal in different place. It becames run against time and Roberts ability to find the right clues for the next murders place.

The cast of the movie is good. Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon. Ewan McGregor as Camerlengo Patrick McKenna and Ayelet Zurer as Vittoria Vetra. Movie is directed by Ron Howard and the screenplay is written by David Koepp and Akiva Goldsman.

The quality of the movie is great first of all. As I understand they had build somekind of replica of the St. Peter’s square because vatican didn’t allow them shoot in the real square. I have to say that the quality is great but you can see computer generated scenes quite well but it didn’t hurt my experience.

The movie does follow the orginal book much better than Da Vinci code did but still there where some differences and they made me wonder why. They where kind of that it would not have needed anymore shooting. In the book all the four cardinals died. In the movie the last became the new Pope. The person who in the book became the new Pope is now the new Camerlengo. There are the small differences that aren’t really important but can’t see why they where made.

Tom Hanks played once more with the grip of the two time academy award winner. He is great in the role of Langdon and I like the fact that they had given him couple of “funny” moments. Ewan McGregor is one of my favorite actors. I can’ remember seeing bad act from him. Once you see him in the screen, you can see from his eyes that there is something more in him. Rest of the cast does great work and I think it really makes the movie flow nice.

Some time you are sitting in movies and really hoping after half of hour that the movie would stop. (Like lord of the rings series) The movie lasted something like 2,5 hours and I didn’t feel bored. There wasn’t moments where the action went to the next room where Star Trek was going. It hold its act all way thru.

Well the fact is that I did like Da Vinci Code and I do like both of the books. Angels & Demons maybe more. I knew I am going to like the movie. I still think it was little better than I really expected.

I know it was kind of a short review but I think it’s better be short than talk  much about unimportant stuff.

– TP


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